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3 min readDec 16, 2022
Start a Coaching Business in 30 Days - Book by Coachilly Magazine

Is your new year’s resolution starting a business? Did you know most people abandon their resolutions within 34 days? Why not beat the clock and get your new year’s resolution accomplished within that time? I’m not kidding. It is entirely possible and much easier when you have a plan to follow.

What makes starting a business overwhelming for most people is not knowing where to start, being demotivated by what seems like an insurmountable task, and not having the resources needed. Well, this new book will remove all those obstacles for you.

This book is called Start A Coaching Business In 30 Days — A Step-By-Step Guide. It is available on Amazon. It’s the second edition which has been amended with a lot more information and worksheets.

Early readers stated they love practical advice. The book provides exactly what the title says: a step-by-step guide with worksheets to plan your business launch.

The print edition of the book is a handy planning tool because it has the size of a workbook (8.5" x 11") and you can work directly into the book by using the worksheets inside as you work through the chapters.

A Look Inside The Book

Table of Contents

The book gives readers what they need to start a coaching business even without business experience. As you can see from the table of contents, it starts with an overview of coaching, industry trends, organizations, and education paths to consider. There’s even some basic education included on how a coaching session is typically structured and what foundational skills a coach needs to have to deliver value to clients.

Part three provides readers with resources (a lot of them!) to start a coaching business. It even shares the things to watch out for to avoid typical pitfalls. The part I think readers will enjoy the most is the free template packages that get a coaching business up and ready to onboard clients with a few clicks.

The last section of the book includes an in-depth planning section that provides examples, checklists, and worksheets to plan your business from idea to launch.

Overall, the book is written in simple language and focuses on practical steps you can apply right away.

Available Formats

Print Edition

The print edition is a letter-size workbook! You can directly plan your business inside the book. Alternatively, we have provided an access code inside the book to re-print the worksheets.

eBook Edition

The eBook is available for Kindle users. This comes in handy if you don’t plan to write directly into the book and are more interested in having the convenience of clickable links to resources. You can open the book on your computer using Amazon’s desktop reader app.

Win free coaching sessions to help you plan your business alongside this book. You have a chance to win until December 27. You could start the new year as a business owner!



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